Cardigan Sun – Small

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Edition of 10

Hand-knitted in Bulgaria

100% virgin wool

Sizes big and small


This Cardigan is made by hand and from 100% virgin wool. This means that there will be little imperfections due to material and production, which is part of the aesthetics and meant to be.

The Cardigan doesn‘t need to be washed since the material is self cleaning by nature. It‘s best to air it out. If there‘s no other way around, it can be washed cold by hand and layed out flat to dry. Don’t put the Cardigan on a hanger, since knit is stretchy and it is quite heavy, it will deform the garment. It is best stored folded to keep the shape. You can also add a little lavender bag to keep intruders away.

The wool used may pill, which is a natural product of use and friction. You can carefully cut them with scissors or a razor.


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