You may want to exchange or return a product whether the product doesn’t fit or you aren’t satisfied with it. Or just without any specific reason. In that case, we’re happy to help you out by taking back the product.

Our service

  • 14 days return policy after receiving your order.
  • Exchange? After receiving your return we will ship the new item to you.
  • Money back? You will receive a refund as soon as we have processed your return.
  • Defective product? There’s warranty on every product.
  • Sign-up for a return online or deliver the product yourself for free at our Antwerp store.

How to return or exchange?

There’s a 14 days return policy after receiving your order. Within this period you can return your item by mail or drop it of for free at our store. You have the option to exchange the product or get a refund.

Some points of attention before returning

  • You have 14 days after receiving your goods to sign up for a return online or to return the product to our store within those 14 days.
  • After signing up for a return you have 7 days to send it back to our store.
  • Use the original shipmentbox/packaging the products were packed with or use a new one. Do not ship a product without, and do not stick any shipment labels directy onto the product.
  • You can fit the product to check for the sizing, but in case of wear, missing accessories or missing/damaged packages, you will not be entitled to the full purchase amount.
  • Bring your product to the post office or to our studio.
  • Make sure that you receive a track & trace code when shipping, we are not responsible for lost shipments without a track & trace code.
  • Once we have processed your return, you will receive an email from us. In busy periods, this may take longer.

Note: If you have gone through the 14 day period, it is no longer possible to send your product back.

What can you expect from us after returning?

We always do our best to quickly process your returned package so we can work on your desired solution.

Exchange for new product?

After we’ve received and processed the return, we will send the new product to you.

  • Is the new product cheaper? Then you’ll receive a refund for the balance.
  • The new product is more expensive? We will create a payment request for you, which will be reflected in your account. After you have transferred the remaining amount, we will send the product directly to you.
  • If the product is out of stock, we will refund the purchase amount to the account you have paid with.
  • If you would like to add more products, please let us know in advance.

Rather have your money back?

After processing your return, we will immediately refund the purchase amount. Have you paid with a gift voucher or discount code? Then we will activate it again for you.

  • Purchases made at our studio can only be exchanged for a gift voucher.
  • When you have returned an online purchase at our store. Then we will transfer the purchase amount to the payment method you’ve used to purchase. We can refund with cash in our store.

Return an item

Send an email to with the following information:

Title: Return “ORDERNUMBER”

  1. Articlecode or productname (with size)
  2. Return reason